VS Law .NET Administrator
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Flexible Rule Editor

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VS Law .NET Administrator Description

VS Law .NET Administrator is the flexible rule editor used to Create and maintain the Visual Basic .NET rules for an organisation, customer or project. Rules created by VS Law .NET Administrator are used by VS Law .NET Workstation users and the VS Law .NET Batch Processor to perform automated code reviews to identify and correct coding violations.

VS Law .NET Administrator makes it easy to write rules to enforce coding standards and design rules. The parser exposes a number of objects whose properties can be interrogated programmatically by rule conditions written using compiled VB.NET.

Sample Standards
To get you off to a fast start, VS Law .NET ships with a comprehensive set of VB.NET coding standards (over 220 rules) written by professional Visual Basic programmers and based on the Microsoft .NET Framework design guidelines and industry agreed best practices.

Coding Conventions
Coding conventions in VS Law are rules which attach to parser events. The coding convention rule condition is executed whenever a parser event is raised to which the rule is attached. The scripted rule condition may then interrogate various parser objects and raise a violation if appropriate. Violation description and advice messages may contain parser object property and workfield values.

Keyword Conventions
Keyword conventions attach to parser events but differ from coding conventions in that they do not have scripted conditions but instead use a regular expression to interrogate source code and raise a violation if a match is found.

Naming Conventions
Naming convention rules attach to parser object properties rather than parser events. Simply choose which object (e.g. Class) and property (e.g. Name) to attach a naming rule to and then adjust the prefix, body and suffix rules accordingly.

VS Law .NET Administrator Screenshots

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What's New in VS Law .NET Administrator 6.2

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VS Law .NET Administrator Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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